Do you have a nagging, frustrating pain that doesn’t seem to go away with ice, stretching, or foam rolling? Well, I specialize in helping people resolve this type of injury, using a blend of muscle work and joint adjusting. While it can sometimes be “less than comfortable” to physically (and emotionally) work through tight, restricted muscles in order to allow them to unwind their tension and restore their function, I’m always mindful of my client’s tolerance for discomfort, and I’ve been told that I overall provide a very gentle and comfortable treatment experience that is very effective!


I’m Dr. Sandy Baird, DC. I’ve been providing bodywork in the Bay Area for over ten years now. First as a massage therapist, and now as a doctor who combines soft tissue work with joint adjusting. I feel that it’s important for queers to have a safe space to have their bodies worked on. Many of us already shoulder a lot of extra stress and tension from being constantly judged, worrying about what bathrooms we should use, and having to actively resist and fight back for our rights as our new state of “normal”.

When an unexpected pain or injury crops up, you want to have someone you can count on to help put you back together. As a butch/non-binary person myself (they/them pronouns), I need the people who work on my body to not just *tolerate* who I am, but *appreciate* who I am. And I’m guessing that might be important to you as well! I will ask and honor your pronouns. I try my best to use non-gendered language (such as pecs vs. breasts, short-lever pushups vs. girl pushups). And I’m proud of my non-discrimination policy.


My office is centrally located on Grand Avenue. We are across the street from the Coffee Mill, and above Pride Cleaners. There is unfortunately no elevator to my second-floor office. There are bike racks right out front or you are welcome to bring your bike up with you. There is paid metered street parking on Grand, and free street parking in the surrounding neighborhood. Easy bike ride from Lake Merritt  or 19th street BART stations. The closest bus line is the 57 which drops off at Grand/Lakepark Ave by the Grand Lake Theater.

I maintain a low-scent/fragrance space by only using unscented lotions/creams for treatments, and choosing fragrance-free cleaning products and laundry-detergents for cloth face covers.